Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki's networking systems bring enterprise-class networking to organizations of all sizes. Cisco Meraki's unique cloud-hosted controller architecture provides centralized management and security through an intuitive web interface, eliminating the high costs and complexity associated with traditional networking systems.

Cisco Meraki brings the benefits of the cloud to enterprise networking, delivering easy to use, cost effective wired and wireless networks that are centrally managed over the web. You get secure, simple business Wi-Fi with ultimate visibility that can be deployed in minutes to your single office or simultaneously too many locations.

  • Now have a High capacity Wi-Fi

  • Cloud-based centralized management

  • Automated housekeeping

  • Application Visibility and Control

  • Location Analytics

  • Automatic RF Optimization

Purple Wi-fi

Purple Wi-Fi Ltd. provides a cloud based Wi-Fi software. Purple Wi-Fi offers software that works with a business' existing broadband connection to provide free Wi-Fi network access for customers. Because users are required to sign-in using a social account, the business gets access to valuable social demographic data, such as the age and gender of customers that use Purple Wi-Fi, when users connect, how long they stay connected, and more.

  • Easy social login for customer.

  • Communicate with visitors in real-time.

  • Integrate with your existing hardware.

  • Collect valuable demographic and location data about citizens.

  • Language responsive platform in 30+ languages.

  • Collect more valuable feedback from your customers.

Cisco BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology promises many benefits to organizations. For example, increased productivity results where users can access data with any device, anywhere, anytime. By both simplifying and automating security and policy management, IT management costs can also be reduced. There are equipment savings as well, since organizations can leverage the use of personal electronics that their employees already own.
There’s a lot to enabling BYOD. IT can’t afford to manage every single device that wants to join the network. There are also security issues, such as preventing stolen mobile devices from providing unrestricted access to sensitive data

  • Cisco has worked with One Neck IT Solutions to provide a comprehensive BYOD solution for businesses and other organizations. One Neck IT Solutions is a Cisco Gold Partner. They have advanced specializations in mobility and security and are leading the industry in helping companies successfully embrace BYOD technology.

  • Identity Services Engine unifies policy-based service enablement that ensures corporate and regulatory compliance of all devices on your network.

  • Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client simplifies the VPN experience with enhanced remote access technology.

  • Intelligent Network infrastructure security is embedded into wired, wireless, and VPN access points to provide greater visibility and enforcement.

  • Mobile Device Management seamlessly integrates your BYOD strategy with solutions from leading market providers.

  • Location Analytics

  • Virtual Desktops provides secure access to desktops from any device.

Learn more: Cisco BYOD (PDF)