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Manage Collaboration

Manage collaboration

Seamless, real-time collaboration for your employees, customers and external business
total communications solution is designed to connect people, teams and technology, enabling collaboration and the seamless sharing of information. This includes securely accessing and sharing video, data and audio on the desktop, on the road and on-demand, as well as right sizing and optimising the network to do so. Our advanced communications solutions focus on videoconferencing, layer 2 and 3 networking and telecommunication infrastructure (VoIP) across our customers’ businesses.

We also provide on premise or hosted solutions, physically or in the cloud. This includes the provision, configuration and implementation of unified computing platforms, storage area networks and virtualisation technologies.

  • Integration of Telecommunications systems
  • Video Conference –Infrastructure and Endpoints
  • Call Centre Solutions
  • End to End VOIP solution
  • WebEx
  • Integration between different Vendors