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Kirti Telnet is a Gujarat based, ( India)
Solution Integrator representing the world’s best brands in Unified Communications, Network Infrastructure & , Cyber Security and Digital Transformation & Applications to evolve the customer’s digital landscape. KTPL ‘s ability to tailor solutions across quadrants is strengthened by seamless services.

Network Management

Kirti offers advanced 24×7 monitoring and management of customer-owned IT infrastructure on a scalable , leveraging predictive network analytics to identify and detect 95% of potential network issues before they impact network health.

Internet of Things

The IOT Internet of Things is a network of intelligent computers, devices, objects that collects and share huge amounts of data. The collected data is sent to a central cloud based services where it is aggregated with the other data and then shared with end-users in a helpful way.

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Network System Integration

Our  systems engineering and integration services are built upon superior engineering skills combined with state-of-the-art automated tools to design

Network Design

We can help you once your network has been planned, we develop comprehensive blueprints with design documentation providing the smallest of details regarding functions

Network Implementation

Implementing these plans involves deploying robust, rapid and reliable networks, in a cost-effective, time-bound manner with the least possible disruption to your operations.

Network Management

By outsourcing your network administration to our experts, you can be assured of smooth, trouble-free functioning of your network.

Maintenance Outsourcing

Businesses today need the successful and efficient management of maintenance issues involved in upkeep, operation and productivity of a business.

Enterprise Outsourcing can greatly increase the profitability of production operations. By outsourcing your maintenance management needs to us, labour is more efficiently allocated to different departments which eliminates the need for increased staffing.


A clearer understanding of clients’ requirements will translate into

  • Cost savings and reductions
  • Larger pool of offerings to choose from
  • Larger expertise base to tap into
  • Broad range of ICT capabilities
  • Meaningful industry insights
  • Best-practice processes
  • Optimised operations
Network Consulting

We  provides end-to-end connectivity solutions. As an enabler of modern communications, our networking team designs, installs, operates and manages high-performance, secure networks for our customers, delivering business efficiencies, increased performance and user satisfaction. Our networking solutions extend from the network core to the distribution layer, access layer and up to the network edge.

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