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Network Facility Services

Network System Integration

Our  Network Systems Integration services offer an effective hands-on, onsite collaboration between your staff and the highly-skilled team of our Solutions engineers, program managers, and technical support personnel. Our  systems engineering and integration services are built upon superior engineering skills combined with state-of-the-art automated tools to design, develop, and implement complex systems.

  • Tight business-IT alignment
  • Business results-oriented, not just technology-oriented solutions
  • Effective information management and check information overload
  • Better Return on Existing Investments (ROEI)
  • Increased focus on cost and revenue management through elimination of redundant processes

Our Network System Integration capabilities include:

Network Design

We can help you once your network has been planned, we develop comprehensive blueprints with design documentation providing the smallest of details regarding functions, components, configurations etc.


  • Integrating the latest technology into your existing setup.
  • Managing the integration process.
  • Defining functional requirements.
  • Developing multi-vendor implementation plans.
  • Preparing technical design documentation.
  • Developing engineering specifications.
  • Preparing RFP specifications or other make/buy criteria.
  • Providing a detailed component purchase list.


  • Timely and complete implementation of solutions.
  • Customized solutions.
  • Successful integration of diverse products.

Network Implementation

Implementing these plans involves deploying robust, rapid and reliable networks, in a cost-effective, time-bound manner with the least possible disruption to your operations.


  • Undisrupted Integration of new networking systems.
  • Providing value-added services.
  • Integrating network management platforms.
  • Building network operations and management centres.
  • Implementing remote access technology.
  • Reconfiguring and upgrading network elements, systems and facilities.


  • Timely and complete implementation of solutions.
  • Maximize competitive focus.
  • Minimal disruption of business operations.

Network Management

We  can help you by upgrading, managing and operating to utilize your network’s maximum potential. By outsourcing your network administration to our experts, you can be assured of smooth, trouble-free functioning of your network.


  • Maintaining network operations at an optimum level.
  • Network administration user account management, service level monitoring, and network accounting.
  • Managing change control process.
  • Analysis of Network utilization.
  • Documenting physical assets, logical topologies and policy procedures.


  • Gives the organization the opportunity to focus on its core business.
  • Single point reference for the management and operation.
  • The organization can leverage the expertise of trained manpower to reduce the learning curve of the employees.
  • Constant refresher courses to the employed manpower and central consultancy support enables ease of use and increase gradation of technologies.
  • Takes care of employee attritions (quitting, absenteeism, etc.).