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Manage Wi-Fi

Today’s workforce demands mobility to be their most productive. To deliver it, businesses need a fast, reliable, and secure WiFi connection that gives users the ability to move freely from meeting to meeting with no disruptions. Managed WiFi makes mobility possible while providing scalability to a secure network.

Setup is easy and manageable, with help from our experts and world class partner Aruba Networks. Together we work with you to find the right solutions your business needs, so your workforce can be mobile and productive.


Ensure constant connections between rooms and hallways with our managed Wi-Fi.


Create a customizable WiFi network, with features and equipment built to support your specific business needs.


Easy-to-manage user directories keep only approved users and their information safe with enterprise-strength WAP encryption keys.


Easily adjust your power settings to increase or decrease the range of your access points depending on your traffic.

Easy Setup and Manageability

Our experts setup and install wireless APs and switches. Easily access and manage your network via the Aruba Central, a complete cloud-hosted network platform.


Stay productive with reliable WiFi while reducing IT costs and downtime. Our experts will design and deploy a WiFi solution scaled for your business.

  1. Small to Large Implementations
    If you are a large resort or small, family-owned property, we have  experience to ensure the most reliable coverage for your property regardless of size, location or physical challenges. From design to implementation, our certified project managers, network engineers and technical support teams deliver the optimal network to fit your property layout, limitations, timeframe and budget.
  2. Optimal Network Design
    Interference, data overloading and physical blockades can compromise your WiFi. As your WiFi service provider, we evaluate all building and environmental layouts and fully examine construction materials to anticipate any difficulties and avoid potential delays. We will determine optimal access point placement to ensure consistent coverage and minimize interference so your network runs smoothly.
  3. Industry Leading Technology
    We utilizes Ruckus Wireless Smart WiFi products for reliability, flexibility and performance. Our cloud-hosted solution offers the convenience of real-time seamless access to network data with the capacity to support tens of thousands of users, ensuring a consistent, uninterrupted WiFi experience across all locations. Our fully redundant data centres provide the best uptime in the industry.
  4. Third Party Product Integration
    All industries have business-critical software that must be integrated with a WiFi network. Our software developers can integrate existing tools seamlessly into your new network from older, legacy products to the latest industry software applications. We install software solutions for conference management, PMS and billing integration, environmental / HVAC and security systems, educational and healthcare applications, loyalty programs, and more.
  5. Data Analytics and Reporting
    Our reporting and analytics tools provide the network visibility you need for wireless optimization, control and insight across your business. Our WiFi powered customer analytics solution turns your WiFi network into a powerful marketing tool so you can send personalized offers and promotions to better connect with your customers. Deep Blue’s enterprise reporting ensures optimal uptime and security for the most reliable coverage.
  6. Managed Network Services
    Whether your property is undergoing new construction or a full remodel, disparate technology systems are interdependent and can be negatively affected by infrastructure issues, installation delays and technical complications. Our Managed Network Services provides a single point of contact for all stakeholders, coordinating the procedures, installations and testing of systems for optimal timing, efficient scheduling and effective cost management.