Managed Security

Managed Security

Protect your Enterprise with managed Services.
A secure network is a powerful tool for achieving growth and stability. Safeguarding your business and customer data is critical for protecting your employees, customers, and reputation in an environment built on trust. Yet maintaining the integrity of your network is difficult to accomplish as you expand your capabilities. Furthermore, changing business models designed around mobility and cloud resources add new layers of intricacy to corporate networks. This creates a dynamic threat landscape that evolves quickly to find gaps in protection. An increasingly complex market for information security leads to fragmented security efforts. To innovate and disrupt, your business needs a balanced security solution capable of providing both proactive protection and adaptable expansion.

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Services we serve.
• Complete Configuration of Firewall according to requirement.
• Daily reporting of Firewall incorporation of data usage, Detected threats, blocked threats, user wise bifurcation of traffic (Ingress or Egress).
• Identity arrangement, daily updates for firewall, daily backup, important security parameters monitoring and management like VPN encryption and authentication parameters.
• Managing Logs on daily basics.
• Alert and notification on E-mails for any unwilling events like live network attacks and Spam’s.

  Enhanced                                                                             Premier
24x7 Threat Analysis and Incident Monitoring ü ü
Cisco Collective Security Intelligence Enrichment ü ü
Log and Telemetry Collection ü ü
Customer Portal ü ü
Metadata Extraction ü ü
Rules-Based Analytics ü ü
Advanced Analytics ü ü
High Touch Incident Support ü ü
Full Packet Capture ü  
Proactive Threat Hunting ü  
Security Device Management (Cisco and Third Party) Add-on Add-on

24 x 7 Threat Analyses and Incident Monitoring
A global network of security operations centers with highly trained and certified experts who provide constant vigilance and on-demand analysis of your networks.
• High Touch Incident Support: A designated investigation manager with deep incident analysis and investigation skills who stays current with your environment and specific network goals in order to provide incident management focused on your specific needs.
• Proactive Threat Hunting: Activities involving seeking out malicious activity not identified by traditional alerting mechanisms. Hunting methods are documented in a living play-book that is continuously updated as threats and malicious campaigns evolve.