Managed Network

Managed Network

Extend the value of Enterprise Networks
The emergence of new technologies are driving digital business transformation that is fueling innovation, building new business models and improving customer experience. Organizations which have moved to digital are creating these new business values and competitive advantage. With this new dynamic competitive landscape, the race for enterprises to succeed in the digital marketplace has intensified.
For most enterprises, the network is the platform to accelerate digital transformation. But as traditional networks converge with mobility, IoT, analytics and cloud-based data and application services, it is not only generating new revenue opportunities but also creating huge IT challenges, placing significant demands on IT.

Services we serve.
• Daily report of network monitoring
• Mail alert and notifications of network
• Monitoring Network traffic and solve bandwidth constrains issues to detect flooding.
• Traffic’s live statistic of each and every network device to understand bandwidth utilization.
• TCP based monitoring, different types of resources monitoring like CPU utilization, Temperature status, and traffic on each device.

• Speed Transformation: Securely adopt new technologies and proactively manage and preempt network issues to extend the value of your network.
• Improve IT Efficiency: Simplify network complexities, while applying lean processes to reduce costly inefficiencies to optimize your IT infrastructure.
• Mitigate Risk: Maximize network performance, while minimizing risk to keep business running even as your network grows and changes.
• Show Business Impact: Keep a sharp focus on driving business outcomes, not just maintaining the network infrastructure that supports it.

Our IT team will securely manage your entire IT environment. This helps shift your team’s focus from repetitive, noncore activities to strategic IT initiatives that help drive business outcomes that significantly increase productivity and the ability to innovate faster.

Our Managed Services can help you:
• Accelerate technology adoption and faster time to new services to realize business outcomes.
• Improve IT efficiency and preempts network issues to reduce risks associated with new technology deployments and network changes.
• Maximize performance and uptime for consistent delivery of always-on service availability.
• Free your IT resources to focus on delivering business impact rather than maintaining daily operations.