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Intelligent Switch

Intelligent Switching solutions ensure that, through the use of best-of-breed switching hardware and design best-practices, investment protection is assured as the network scales to meet both current and future demands aligned with organizational growth.

Integrated Router

Due to evolving business demands, networks today need to support many more applications and network services.
The traditional model of deploying multiple devices to support these services can lead to business pains including:-
• Network Complexity.
• More training required on multiple vendor platforms.
• High cost of multiple support and maintenance contracts.
• Complex troubleshooting.

Copper Solution

Our copper cabling systems are optimized for your needs. We offers end-to-end copper cabling systems, including patch cords, connectivity and smaller diameter smaller diameter copper cables, with best-in-class guaranteed headroom performance. These systems are created through advanced research and development, using innovative technologies and rigorous performance testing.

Fiber Optic Solution

Optical fiber cables ensure that any network can run on the reliability and flexibility that we offer. Ranging from inside riser rated ribbon cables to interlocking armored jacketed cables, the optical fiber cables offered are sure to fit any application. Optical fiber cables offered in the solution feature ribbon sub-units for easy termination in the field.

IP PBX solutions

IP PBX is a telephone system that is aimed at delivery of the information including voice, video, etc over the network. It offers a cheap telecommunication service that lets you stay connected with people on the other part of the world

Unified Threat Management

UTM is a powerful solution that can improve productivity for your business and keep your network protected. There are billions of people on the Internet, along with millions of threats; all you need is one easy-to-use tool to keep your network safe.