Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Cisco’s WebEx and SaaS solutions lead the market in overall adoption, usage, sales execution, and global infrastructure. By offering a complete, stable and reliable solution to its customers, Cisco continues to pioneer the global Collaboration market.

Cisco designed its cloud-based collaboration service to meet the needs of the business from the outset WebEx is optimized for real-time and asynchronous interaction on a global scale.



Cisco Webex Meeting Center

Video conference in your own space. People always know where to meet you.

  • Get a simple web address that’s always the same.

  • Schedule ahead or just send someone the link.

  • Lock for privacy or let people drop in.

Learn more: Cisco WebEx Meeting Center (PDF)


Cisco Webex Event Center

  • Events for groups of 100 to 3000.

  • Multiple presenters in broadcast-quality audio.

  • Audio controls and attention monitoring tools.

  • Add Assist Services and get your own event producer.

Learn more: Cisco WebEx Event Center (PDF)

Cisco Webex Traning Center

  • Lectures, labs and small breakout sessions.

  • Testing and automated grading.

  • Built-in, optional eCommerce so you can charge for live or on-demand training.

  • Add Assist Services and get expert help with your programme.

Learn more: Cisco WebEx Traning Center (PDF)

Cisco Webex Support Center

  • Speedy support for workers or customers.

  • Live chat and video conferencing.

  • Remote desktop control.

Learn more: Cisco WebEx Support Center (PDF)

Collaboration Meeting Rooms

  • One meeting, any device, same experience.

  • Meet with anyone, on any system or device.

  • Meet with one person or hundreds.... your room size adjusts dynamically.

Learn more: Cisco WebEx Collaboration Meeting Rooms (PDF)